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cpb pull back collet chuck

CPB Power Collet Chuck - 5C/16C

* Pull-Back Power Collet Chuck


Collet Chuck Features
Collet Chuck Dimensions/Specifications
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Collet Chuck Features

CPB Pull Back Collet Chuck adopts 5C (max. capacity 26mm) or 16C (max. capacity 40mm) collet. The CPB collet chuck has models for direct mounting onto A2 spindle nose.

  • 5C and 16C pull back collet chuck.
  • Pull to close power collet chuck, high chucking accuracy.
  • Direct mounting to spindle nose in A2 flange.
  • Chucking accuracy 0.020mm (regular spring collet).
  • Chucking accuracy 0.010mm (selected precision spring collet).



CPB Collet Chuck Dimensions - A2 Flange

cpb collet chuck dimension

Spindle Nose A2-5 A2-6 A2-5 A2-6
A 137mm (5.39") 166mm (6.54") 137mm (5.39") 166mm (6.54")
B 104.8mm (4.13") 133.4mm (5.25") 104.8mm (4.13") 133.4mm (5.25")
C 82.6mm (3.25") 106.4mm (4.19") 82.6mm (3.25") 106.4mm (4.19")
D Max. M58 Max. M65 Max. M58 Max. M65
F 60mm (2.36") 60mm (2.36") 80mm (3.15") 80mm (3.15")
L 122mm (4.80") 122mm (4.80") 145mm (5.71") 145mm (5.71")
Working Collet 5C 5C 16C 16C
Max. Capacity 26mm (1.02") 26mm (1.02") 40mm (1.57") 40mm (1.57")
Max. Draw Force 1800kgf (3900lbf) 1800kgf (3900lbf) 2300kgf (5060lbf) 2300kgf (5060lbf)
Max. RPM 6000 6000 5000 5000
Net Weight 5.0kgs (11.0lbs) 7.5kgs (16.5lbs) 5.5kgs (12.1lbs) 10.0kgs (22.0lbs)

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